Morocco:Chami calls on enterprises to benefit from ‘Industrial Emergence Pact’

The Minister of Industry, Trade, and Modern Technologies, Ahmed Reda Chami, called on Moroccan Enterprises to take advantage of “the real opportunities” offered by the National Pact for Industrial Emergence (PNEI) launched last year.
During the opening ceremony of the first national indusial conference, chaired by the HM King Mohammed VI, Chami also called for a “sustained mobilisation” to make this project bear fruit.

The minister thus presented, on Wednesday in Casablanca, before the king the progress made since the launch of the PNEI on February 13, 2009. It will cover the period spanning 2009-2015.

He also stressed that Morocco is today ready, more than any time before, to have a competitive industry able to invest, create jobs and wealth, and export high-quality products, labelled “made in Morocco”, towards the world.

For his part, the President of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), Mohamed Horani, highlighted the steps taken by his federation as part of this pact.

Horani also stressed that this project has given unprecedented impetus to the Moroccan industrial sector and proved its relevance as it “focuses on the branches in which Morocco has a competitive edge.”…read more


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