Morocco’s franchise sector doing well

It seems that the franchise sector is really doing well in Morocco. It has registered over the last ten years an average annual growth of about 18%.

 There are now 3,653 outlets and 407 franchise networks in Morocco, according to the statistics of the department in charge of domestic trade presented in a conference held on Thursday in Safi.

These statistics reveal a predominance of the equipment sector (39%), followed by the food industry (16%) and furniture (7%).

They also show a strong presence of international retailers (84%) and a significant headway of Moroccan trademarks (67), with over 2,544 outlets, spreading over the major cities of the Kingdom.

Casablanca and Rabat alone host 43% of outlets, according to the same the same source belonging to Ministry of Trade, Industry and Technology.

It is worth noting that the franchise sector in Morocco has gone through three key stages: the initial phase (1960-1990), the growth phase (1990-1997) and the flourishing phase (from 1997 up to now).

The meeting aimed at providing information on the potential and the opportunities offered by the sector, as well as establishing business relationships among franchisers and franchisees…read more


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