Portugal is Tunisia’s 4th FDI provider

Portuguese investments in Tunisia have evolved to reach 809.4 million dinars in 2009, boosting Portugal’s position as the 4th provider of foreign direct investments (FDI) in Tunisia. This is one of the main conclusions to be drawn by the High level Tunisian –Portuguese meeting which was held on Tuesday in Tunis.

The second Tunisian-Portuguese high-level meeting which was respectively chaired by the two Prime Ministers Mr. Mohamed Ghannouchi and Portugal’s Prime Minister, Mr. Jose Socrates, engendered a series of agreements signed between both countries.

This meeting is part of the implementation of the Treaty of friendship, good neighborliness and cooperation, signed June 17, 2003 and which “sealed the excellent relations linking Tunisia and Portugal”, said Mr. Ghannouchi.

The work led to twinning agreement between the Goulette-Radès Port, the Merchant Navy and Ports Board and the Lisbon Port Service, as well as several other programs including an executive cooperation program in cultural, scientific and technical sectors, a cooperation agreement in the field of archives, a MOU between Tunisia’s Central Bank and Banco de Portugal, endorsement to the financing agreement which provides for granting a 100 million euro-credit line, cooperation agreement in tourism sector, an economic cooperation agreement and a protocol on cooperation in higher education and scientific research…read more


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