TEPE Making Headway in Prefabricated Buildings in Libya

Starting from year 2007, TEPE Prefabricated Construction Industry Inc., is installing construction site buildings in Libya.

The first name coming to minds, since 1977 until today, in the field of prefabricated buildings in terms of “quality & trustworthiness”, TEPE has been given preference as a solution partner by leading Turkish construction companies in Libya.

Structures such as Prefabricated Site Camp Buildings and Steel Construction Pre-engineered Buildings becoming orders through highly flexible and quick “proposal / estimation”, “design”, “production and logistic” processes, are delivered locally, with extremely quick assembly, under control of TEPE’s experienced supervisors, in accordance with projects special requirements.

Buildings erected under TEPE’s warranty and assurance holds easy relocation features and can be demounted and easily mounted back repeatedly when required, with control of TEPE’s experienced supervisors.

GÜR, NUROL, YAAR ÖZKAN, AS-KA, SUMMA, FEKA, ÖZTA (2 projects), RÖNESANS, AKPINAR, SYSTEM (2 projects) are some of the international construction companies which had chosen TEPE as a solution partner supplier in projects that they have undertaken between 2007 and 2010.

In year 2010, Tepe is aiming to increase its ability to deliver infrastructured turnkey camps to international construction contractors based in Libya…. read more 


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