EU-Morocco Summit: King calls for going beyond free trade area

Morocco and the EU reaffirmed, at the end of their first summit, their commitment to establish a common economic area, marked by an advanced integration of the Moroccan economy in the EU’s.

In a joint statement issued after the summit held on Sunday in Granada, Spain, Morocco and the EU greed to take concrete actions to achieve this objective.

They thus underlined some action that are likely to lead to this end, including the harmonization of legislative frameworks both in Morocco and the EU, the conclusion of a comprehensive free trade agreement, the consolidation of economic and social cooperation.

In a message to the summit, HM king Mohammed VI called on the EU to go beyond “the mere establishment of a free trade area,” in its relationship with Morocco.

“Investment flows need to be boosted, agricultural and industrial synergies created, the services sector restructured, and common policies implemented in the areas of research for development and the knowledge-based economy,” stressed the sovereign.

Highlighting the agreements signed between the two parties, especially the latest agricultural agreement, he insisted “on the need to take practical measures towards its implementation to honor our joint commitments,” regretting the delay in its entry into force… read more


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