Top 10 Predictions for the North African Wireless and Telecom Markets in 2010

The telecommunications and wireless sectors have been bright spots in North African economies and likely to continue to grow. The success of these sectors comes from a wide consumer adoption first of basic mobile phone services, in particular voice, at very affordable prices, then expanding into new services from SMS texting to ring tones. In this paper, Julien Blin, the North Africa Journal’s technology editor and CEO of JBB Research predicts what is to come in Africa’s wireless and telecom markets this year. (copyright JBB Research:
1. Mobile entertainment services set to remain North African carriers’ top priority to offset the continued decline of their total ARPU. In 2009, many North African carriers experienced a decline of their total ARPU due to increase pricing war. I expect this trend to continue. Thus, African carriers will continue to focus on mobile data services to offset the decline of their total ARPU….read more


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