Advice For Algeria: Go Back to the Drawing Board

When Money Alone is not Enough and Sound Policies Matter: In preparing for an issue of special report for The North Africa Journal, we spent a great deal of time checking what North Africa is doing in building up its infrastructure to prepare for a 21st century economy. We were rather astonished at the numbers we tallied as to the amounts each country is spending on building up. Algeria is no exception.
In fact, the money that country has amassed over the past few years is fueling an economic activity unparalleled to what we know of, and Algeria may be a leading spender on such infrastructure build up in the region. Billions of dollars in roads and highways, billions more in rail, ports, constructions and the numbers begin to exceed the types of figures we are used to.
In this context, one can only assume a trickling down of these investments into job creations and growing opportunities for all. After all, isn’t economic progress meant to create a healthier and wealthier middle class and eliminate poverty, violence and unrest? … read more


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